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Thursday, November 11, 2010


** Beware.....Poor Picture Quality but I tried.**

Well my trees finally arrived and I couldn't be happier with them. I was afraid they wouldn't look like I had envisioned them to look like. The picture on the website just wasn't clear or big enough for me to see so I could be sure. For the price, I took a chance. Finally my chance paid off for me. Her is one of my trees fresh out of the box and set up. Some of the branches need adjusted but I just got so excited and I wanted to share it with you now.

Here is a close up of the branches. They are the most perfect dull color of green and the brown sprigs that jute out from the branches just make the tree. I must confess that my family was not as thrilled with my trees as I was. My husband said they look like "Charlie Brown" Christmas Trees. My son just shook his head at it. He is not big on words when it comes to my love of the primitive look. Now my daughter is very vocal. She asked what I was thinking when I bought these trees. She said all her friends will look at these trees and think we are poor. Oh how funny is that. I loved their reactions! They were pretty much exactly what I had expected!

I've been drying apples and oranges all week too. Some will adorn my trees and some I made just to put into jars for decoration. They look so good even though this picture does not do them justice.

This picture got out of order somehow. These are my cinnamon icicles I won/bought from Melissa at Farm Field Primitives and Goods. I absolutely love them and they smell just so heavenly. They too go on my new trees.

Just another shot of my dried fruit. I only had to throw away one batch I made. I was in a hurry and thought I would cook dinner at the same time I was drying these. I turned the stove up to accommodate my casserole and told myself I would watch the fruit very carefully. Well I didn't do as good as I had hoped and I baked my fruit and then it burnt. I should know better but I was hoping it would work. I promise I have learned my lesson. One thing at a time goes much more smoothly.

I want to thank all my followers and especially my new followers for taking the time to read my blog. I have met so many wonderful people along the way. I have learned that a few of my fellow bloggers shop at the same places I do and they don't live all that far from me. One day I would like to meet some of them in person. Wouldn't that just be a blast!

Until next time....


  1. Great job on your dried fruit. I LOVE your tree. Will you share the link where you purchased it please?

  2. I love your tree. And the fruit. How do you dry it?
    The icicles are from a mold? They are really cute!

  3. I think the tree is prim perfect! I thought about buying one but I decided to just change everything on the tree this year.Yours will be so nice and homespun with all the natural accents and garlands.Harvest Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh, Amy, I can imagine that my family would say the same thing....especially Colt! lol! He's my very vocal one! I think they're great! Love your icicles and those dried oranges! I want to try it. Did you use Kath's method from CS? I might need some pointers. I'd like to put them on at least one of my smaller trees!

    I'm getting so excited about Christmas!

    Hope you have a great Thursday! :)


  5. Oh Amy,
    I LOVE your tree!!
    It is going to be amazing with your prim ornies.
    Can't wait to see it all decorated!!

  6. It's going to look wonderful once you get it all decorated! Can't wait to see it done.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Amy, I love your trees! I have to laugh at your family's reactions because I've heard a few of those myself! I'm thinking about putting dried oranges on my tree this year also!

  8. Hi Amy.....are your trees German Twig? I think they are...I have a 5' and a 6' and love them. I usually put them both up along with the "traditional" family tree cause my family won't let one of my prim trees be the main Christmas Tree...someday maybe?
    Have a Great Evening, Traci

  9. Amy - can't wait to see your tree decorated. That is exactly what I want; a German Tree with orange and apple slices (mine just don't come out).

  10. Hi Amy...I'm so glad you got your German Twig Tree!!!!!
    Now where did you find it????

    Wow, that's a lot of Apples and Oranges! lol
    Hey, I never thought of putting them in jars for decorations.


  11. Love that tree girl! love all the drieds too..I bet you cant wait to get it decorated!

  12. Amy, my family used to be the same way as yours when it came to my prim stuff. The girls are all older now, and they like prim. My husband is still on the fence.

    These trees are beautiful, and I can't wait to see the decorations on them. I've said it before - I love how you decorate!

    I met one of my blog buddies last Saturday. She is as cute as I imagined she would be. We will be getting together again soon, and I'm looking forward to that. Maybe someday it will be you and me!

  13. Amy,
    love the tree!
    Can't wait to see them all decorated!I am glad they are nice, you never know til you see them!

    My sister & I went to the open house at Country Gathering in Berlin yesterday< OMG>>the whole town was just so busy, I felt like I was at a Mall, we managed to get in the doors at 5pm, and out by 6:30, We had went in earlier that day & new exactly what we wanted! But standing in line>> in line.. in Line! We had so much FUN,like to little girls!
    I too would love to meet up with the locals!
    Have fun decorating them trees!

  14. I love that you have a plan and a vision to make your tree unique... reminds me of times past... in a nostalgic, good way. I look forward to seeing it decorated. It will be beautiful.

  15. Hi Amy, I just found your link on another blog. I love your trees!! May I ask where you got them? I want to try drying some fruit too, those will look awesome on your trees. I welcome you to come visit my blog sometime. Look forward to seeing your trees all decorated.

  16. They look great! Can't wait to see them all decorated!

  17. Hi Amy~
    Your new trees are wonderful and I can't wait to see pictures of them all decorated.
    You've certainly been busy drying all that fruit.
    My family would feel the same way. ;-)
    Hugs~ Birgit

  18. What a beautiful tree. It's the perfect shade of green. Can't wait to see it dressed up.

  19. Hi again Amy, I'm sorry I missed it when you joined my blog. I try to keep track and go and check out everyone. My bad. 8-( Anyway, I am glad you have been following, and though I am late, I will enjoy following you!! 8-)

  20. I love those trees too and that sounds exactly like my family! Each reaction you got from each person is exactly what mine say. But they all know that's how I am and when they get their own house, they can do what they want. In the meantime, they will live in our "poor, old, dirty" home. Lol!

    Your dried fruit is looking great! I'm sure it smells yummy in your home. Have a great week~

  21. Hi Amy! So happy you got your trees! They really are nice and prim and with dried fruit added they will be perfect!!