My Wonderful Group of Friends

Friday, December 18, 2009

All Gone!!

I wanted to do a post showing all the signs I had made but before I got pictures of them, I sold them all. I'm not complaining, I just don't have any pictures. I believe I had over 30 signs too. My hubby decided to stop by one of our local stores and ask the owner if he would be interested in selling my signs for me. Of course he would be making a profit from them as well. Anyway, the owner said he would take them all and he paid my husband right then and there. He didn't barter my prices, he just paid what I was asking.

Oh how my heart sang. I never thought I would sell all my signs. I believe I only kept one or two signs for myself, gave two to my mother and one to our pastor. I even sold all my Christmas signs that I had intended to keep for me. Guess I can always make more.

Last night my sister told me about a new "General Store" that is coming to our town. They are looking for crafters to make things to add a home made touch to their store. Well guess what I am going to do next. Yep! I'm going to see if they want some of my signs. I think I will wait until after the new year to start making them again. I am getting an order together for some new stencils. If you have never been to, you definitely must stop by and see what BeCca has on her site. I highly recommend her stencils to anyone that wants to start sign making. She has tons to choose from, the prices are great and she ships really fast. You won't be sorry you stopped by. I promise.

Well I suppose that's all I have for now. Call me bad but I haven't taken any Christmas pictures of our home as of yet. I doubt that I will have much time before Christmas to do so either. I've been busy baking and present wrapping and all that other good stuff that goes along with the Holiday. I hope everyone is on their way to being done with all their shopping and preparations and are starting to relax and enjoy themselves. If not, get on the stick!!

Enjoy your weekend my friend!