My Wonderful Group of Friends

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~Just Taking The Girls For A Walk~

Now trust me this is one walk I was not going on. My husband found these two beauties in his garage the other day when he opened the door. Thank heavens he is not afraid of these darling little creatures. I on the other hand want no part of them. Bob is not a killer so he decided that he should release his friends into the back part of our woods. How much do you wanna bet they come back for another visit!

When I first saw him walking thru the yard, I thought he had two chains in his hands. I figured it out rather quickly that they weren't chains when they started coiling up towards him. Chills just shot up my back when I realized what they were. I want to thank my sweety for letting me grab my phone and take a picture of him and his bravery.

I will try to make my next post a little less creepy!

Hugs, AMY