My Wonderful Group of Friends

Monday, November 8, 2010

~My WONDERFUL Weekend~

This weekend I was fortunate to find two new wonderful places to shop for some fabulous prims for my home. They are both located in Augusta, Ohio. Both businesses are housed at Manfull Orchards Farm Market. The first shop I entered was Farm Girl Finds. I borrowed these pictures from the owner since my camera is still not working properly. There were so many amazingly beautiful things in her shop that I would have loved to have bought. My 14 year old daughter went with me and all I can say is "What was I thinking!" She complained from the minute we stepped thru the door that I didn't need anymore prims in our home. She is a modern girl and does not understand my passion for prims. I bought her some sugar cookies so that kept her quite for a little while.

This tree was beautiful. I would have liked to have bought every ornament on it.
You had to be there to see the real beauty of all these wonderful things.

Everything was displayed just perfectly. There was so much to look at. This Santa Picture was great. I may have to go back and see if it is still there. He just looked like he was keeping an eye on the shop.

Now on to what I bought. Sorry about the quality of these pictures. They once again were taken with my cell phone. Everything looks dull and muted but you will get the gist of how fabulous everything is.

I definitely need to get my camera fixed. These pictures are almost depressing they look so washed out. Trust me everything is much better in person.

Maybe I will just leave everything displayed on this table like it is now. I kind of like it all grouped together. Just kidding!

These ticking pillows are just so prim and perfect. I hope to have them in my bedroom when I get to redoing it. I have the perfect little bench to display them on.

I definitely want to go back and buy a couple more of these adorable trees. I purchased this from Manfulls. It was only $14. I thought that was a great price. Wouldn't they look perfect in a bathroom just to add a small festive touch.

I have wanted a small prim clock for on top of my living room mantle for a long time. How do you think this will look? Not quite sure yet where I want my spool candle holders but I'm sure I will find a spot for them somewhere.

These bigger spool candle holders and cubby will be going in my kitchen. The candles will go in some sort of Christmas arrangement on the table and I'm sure the tall cubby will be hung on the wall somewhere.

I'm planning on putting this little cupboard in my master bath to hold or should I say hide all our toiletries. I think it will look prim perfect in there. Again not sure where this candle holder will go but I know I will find the perfect spot for it.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my great finds. If you are ever in the area of August, be sure and stop at both of these shops. I know you won't be disappointed.
Blessings to all my friends new and old. I hope everyone has a productive week filled with fun.
I have a Christmas Open House to attend this coming weekend and another one the following weekend. I can't wait to find some more goodies that I just have to have. I will be sure and post if I find anything good. Which I'm sure I will.
Take care everyone!
Hugs, AMY


  1. Looks like you found a boatload of treasures, Amy....sounds like a perfect weekend to me too....Blessings, Traci

  2. Amy~ Love the little cupboard.Looks like you found alot of goodies.My girlfriend always brings her boy who is 13 with us to the craft shops and I never understands why he wants to go as he whines the whole time.I feel your pain.Sugar and food usually work.Hugs!~Amy

  3. Oh, what wonderful finds! I'll have to make a trip there!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. You are so lucky! There are no prim shops around here, just antique shops. Don't get me wrong. I love antiques and have quite a few. The older, the better; but I'd like to find a shop with lots of prim stuff. You hit the jackpot! I love everything you picked up. Awesome!

  5. Amy..been there a few times farm girl..have you went to Days gone by..its close to that shop too..didn't realize you were so close to me..:) glad you had a great time!!



  6. Oh my gosh.....this is soooo funny....I am blog hopping and found your site....we wholesale to Manfull Orchards!! Aren't their shops wonderful!! I'm glad you had such a loverly time!! Nice to "meet" you!!


  7. found some great goodies there...I know what you mean about taking your little one's to the prim shops...they always complained...My daughter has here own home now and guess what...she's decorating prim style...So I guess mom wasn't wrong after
    Have a week..
    Prim hugs,

  8. Amy,
    Hey girl, yes I purchased the crock with the mashers( I could not resist)! Great Store! When I arrived there it was just before closing time!

    I love them candle sticks( bobbins) cute/ cute! You found some great stuff!

    Yes "that girl Stacey" Tattered'n Torn prims! Check out her blog! She sells homemade snowmen, trees, santas, prim dolls, they are sooo cute!

    enjoy the fall day!

  9. Looks like you saw a lot of neat things! I like the Santa picture too!

  10. It's best to go it alone when prim shopping!! LOL!
    My 11 y.o. is a modern miss also, so I understand!
    I LOVE all your purchases - you did GREAT!
    Best Wishes

  11. Amy, everything you buy is darling. And I love that you buy without knowing just where you are going to put it!

    Now where is August, Ohio?

  12. I love what you bought! And I would never take my daughter or my son shopping in a great store like that. They would insist on staying in the car!!

  13. Amy,
    That looks like a wonderful prim shop!! You got some great goodies. Love the little cupboard! I have one just like it, but I got mine unfinished and hope to get it painted soon. I'm torn between painting it black or distressed white.

  14. Great goodies. I love that little cupboard for the bathroom. We can always find a place for a new prim! My daughter hates the prim look. She would rather stay in the car than go in to shop with me. I would love to visit that shop. Many goodies to be had. Blessings!

  15. What wonderful prim shops you have so close to home! You are fortunate girl! We do not have a single prim shop in the whole state of Oklahoma and believe me... us girls all over the state are searching for even one! =[

    I love all the goodies you purchased. Little boxes with drawers are a weakness I have, hehe! Love yours. All the spools and candleholders are neat too. Love it all!