My Wonderful Group of Friends

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Past and Present Giveaway Wins

Good Monday Morning Everyone! The snow is melting, the wind is blowing and the temperature is rising! It looks like it might be a good week here in North Eastern Ohio. At least I hope its going to be.

I finally got a chance to post about all the goodies I have received recently in giveaways. Let me start with my floor cloth. Now there is a story to go along with this one. I won this from Anne at I actually won this back in November or December. On Anne's first attempt to get it to me, the mail let us down. Anne messaged me that she sent it out and I waited and waited never thinking I wasn't going to get it. After about a month, she contacted me to let me know that she had the floor cloth returned to her by the post office and it was crushed and marked. She decided she had to create me a new one because of the unfixable things that had occurred to the first one in shipping. Low and behold I got my winnings in January and here it is. Definitely worth waiting for don't you think? I had Anne choose a print that she enjoyed stenciling. For right now I just have it in front of my crock stand. I would like it to go in my kitchen but I don't want to use it in there until we re-do the kitchen, I don't think it would look good with greens and reds. One day it will be in its proper home. Thank you so much Anne for not giving up on getting this to me. I absolutely love it and I so appreciate it.

Here's a close up of the floor cloth so you can see its detail and color.
Next I won this adorable Valentine Creation and Candle from Amy at It is actually the 1st Valentine decoration that I have ever had. I have it displayed on a shelf in my living room. I took the delicious Vanilla Caramel candle to work to make my office smell a bit better. I work in a garage and sometimes the smells are less than desirable in there! Thanks so much Amy for picking me to win.

Last but certainly not least, I won this fabulous vacuum cover designed by Sandy at She is just beautiful. Almost life like. What a way to make an ugly vacuum look pretty don't you think.

I feel so blessed to win such fabulous things. There are so many talented ladies out there that are so giving of their time and talents. I pray that God blesses each of the ladies I have mentioned above with a little extra special something this week.

In closing, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!