My Wonderful Group of Friends

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brrrrrr!!!! Ahhhhh!! Much Better

It sure got cold in our neck of the woods here in Northeastern Ohio. I came home from work today and asked my hubby to build me a nice roaring fire.

I don't think he did too bad. The living room is nice and warm but as for the rest of the house, it is cold. I think maybe I should have him build another fire downstairs in the family room as well???
I am so not ready for winter to be here!!

Use your imagination for a minute. Can you feel the heat radiating from the fire?

Tonight I decided to be lazy and do nothing. Probably not one of my most ingenious ideas but definitely a good idea. I have so many things that need done but just don't feel like doing them. Do you ever feel that way? I have the desire but just not the gumption. I hope I shake this mood soon or nothing will get done. Any helpful hints out there to get my butt in gear??? ANYONE????

Well I better run. I hear the dinner dishes calling my name! Sometimes I think my name is the only one in the house that they know!