My Wonderful Group of Friends

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New 5th Wheel

Who says you can't pick out your new camper in the dead of winter! Certainly not my husband! We have been wanting to make a few upgrades to the 5th wheel we currently had but I however didn't think winter was the most appropriate time to do it. Hubby had other thoughts! He found this 5th wheel on the dealer's website that we bought our last one from and he knew immediately this one was it and we had to have it. It is slightly larger than the one we had. The upgrades are a master bedroom slide, hookup for a washer and dryer (if you can imagine that) and table and chairs in the kitchen area. Oh and lets not forget the state of the art air mattress with its own pump in the couch bed! Woo Woo!

Here she is....

The kitchen area is the most important part of the camper to me. I must have room to cook and do dishes. Counter top area is a woman's best friend when camping in my opinion. Just look at these beautiful cherry cabinets that I will be able to fill up with all kinds of good camping food! The counter tops are just beautiful. Bull nose finish and its all one piece.

In the far corner of the kitchen, there is even a hidden trash compartment cut out of the counter that you can hide your garbage can in and empty it from the outside of the camper. The fridge has so much storage room. Another important part of the camper to me.

Here's an overview of the living/dining area. I just love the table and chairs. The cushions always fell down on the booth seats in our other trailer and I hated that. Of course we lost a bed for someone by making this change but I am fine with that. The colors are sage and tan. For some reason these pictures make the tan look very light. It is a bit darker than it appears.

Next we have my chaise lounge. I can see myself taking a nice nap on this bugger while hubby is out on a fishing trip or something less than exciting!

This view is looking up towards the nose of the camper to the master bedroom. Notice the nice flat screen. It came with the camper. My daughter thought that was the best part.

Look up, you get just a tiny glimpse of the ceiling fan. Yes I said ceiling fan. I have never seen a camper with a ceiling fan. I just thought that was a hoot!

Here is the master bed with the slide out. The mirrored closet is huge. This is also where your washer and dryer would go. Now trust me I won't be buying a set either. I have no problem running to the laundry facility to do our laundry. I meet so many nice people while doing laundry at the campgrounds. I'm not about to give that experience up.

We even have our own dresser in the bedroom. The counter tops are just beautiful. Very elegant looking.

Last but not least the bathroom. Full stand up shower and a porcelain toilet. No plastic throne in this camper. I feel like royalty!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour. We will be heading to Tennessee and Myrtle Beach this summer for our yearly vacation. This year it will just be hubby and I and our teenage daughter. Our son is too busy with work to go. Pray for me! We will be taking another young teenage girl along with us. My daughter talked us into bringing a friend this year. I have a feeling this could get very interesting. Let's not forget that this friend is also a vegetarian. Wow cooking for a non meat eater for 2 1/2 weeks. Good thing she will eat seafood. That should help somewhat!

Take care and I hope everyone has a pleasant week ahead.


Monday, February 21, 2011

~Fruit and Vegetable Ideas Needed~

Good Monday morning friends. I am on a mission and I'm hoping there is someone out there that can help me find what I am looking for. For months now possibly even longer, I have envisioned my oak cupboard in my kitchen
filled with jars of canned goods. I have several jars of dried apples, oranges, lemons and limes currently in my cupboard but I would like to have some jars of other fruits and vegetables to go along with the ones I have already done. There has to be some way to recreate this look without wasting more food.

Friends I ask if any of you know of anyone that could make fruits and vegetables from either material or wax that would hold up over time in jars and look like real food to please comment and let me know where to look? I so want to see my cupboard filled with canned goods. I just know this would look so prim and wonderful.
I am open for any and all suggestions. Just leave a comment at the end of this post. I thank you in advance for any ideas you may have.