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Friday, March 5, 2010

Check Out This Giveaway

Make sure you take the time to stop over and visit Anne from Seasons of The Past to enter her deliciously prim giveaway. Anne will be choosing a winner on March 12th in Honor of her mothers 80th Birthday. Here is just one example of what you will be winning. note...You will not win all these pillows, just one. There are several other great things that go with this giveaway but you have to go to her blog to find out what else she is offering.

This picture was copied from her last post. Anne I hope you don't mind I copied it to my blog.

Good luck ladies and gents!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fire! Fire! Fire!

We were awakened around midnight to the sound of my husbands fire pager going off. They had a structure fire in full swing. He raced to the fire station to find out a house 2 doors away from the fire station was ablaze. I don't know if anyone was hurt yet since I have only had minimal communication with him since he left but I do know there was a hair salon on the bottom floor and at least 3 apartments above it. Here are a few pictures that hubby sent to me this morning on my cell phone. I thank God that he and his fellow firemen did not get hurt and I am praying that no one else was injured as well. These pictures show the house still standing but when I drove close to it this morning on my way to work at 8:00 there was nothing left of it except for a pile of burnt wood. The firemen were still on the scene controlling the hot spots. I did manage to get a wave from my hubby so I know he is alright.

Sorry but I couldn't get these pictures in order. Maybe I can post one later that shows the house completely down. It is such a shame that this had to happen. Hopefully they will find what caused this fire and the displaced families can get their lives back in order.

Have a blessed day everyone.