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Friday, May 6, 2011

Prom 2011

Good Friday evening everyone. I was too excited about this post to wait until tomorrow morning to share. My baby girl attended her first prom this evening. Her daddy and I couldn't have been more proud of the way she looked.

This picture is of Allison and her big brother Aaron. (By the way, Aaron graduates from college next week. Thank you Lord.)
You can click on the pictures if you would like to view them on a full screen. I think they look better that way. They show more detail.

Here Allison is posing with my mother. I think mom looks fabulous for 84 years old. That's my oldest brother in the back ground. Sorry I cut your head off Gary.

Allison's date CJ was on the prom court therefore he is wearing a sash with his tux. He may not have won the title of King but we thought he should have.

This is the monster truck Allison had to crawl up into wearing her 4 inch heels with that huge full dress. Thanks for the step ladder CJ. You are one smart young man.

Here we are outside posing with friends. CJ, Allison, Calen and Tyler. These are four very wonderful kids to say the least.

My baby girl and CJ right before they left for the prom.

Just beautiful!
Allison loved the back of her hair and her dress so of course we had to get a picture.

Thanks for letting me share a proud mommy moment with you all. I'm just sitting here now waiting for the kids to return home. The afterprom is tomorrow at an indoor water park. I think that sounds like a lot of fun.

Have a blessed weekend,


  1. Awww...she looked beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  2. She is so beautiful! I hope they had a wonderful time.

    The last prom we sent a daughter to was a few years ago. She also had a poofy dress and a truck to climb into. I think the skirt filled the cab!

    I know I have an email from you to answer; I'll write soon. Have a great day today hearing all about the dance.

  3. She is beautiful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh Amy...She looked like a princess! Love the corset lacing on the back of her gown. I hope she had an evening she will never forget.

  5. Hi Amy, You're daughter Allison is beautiful, you should be very proud. Her dress is lovely. Love that truck of CJ's, and yes, thank him for the ladder...

    Oh, and your landscape is so pretty too.

    Have a Blessed Mother's Day...


  6. Amy
    Wonderful pictures!!!
    Allison looks so Beautiful~ love the one with your Mother( your Mother looks wonderful for her age, she is very pretty!)
    The outside shots are so perfect with the spring blooms out~ great job landscaping~ Just adds something special to the pics!Really brings out the beautiful dresses!!!
    Such an exciting time for the kids!!!
    Thanks for sharing the joy!!!

  7. Amy, your daughter is just beautiful. And her dress is gorgeous too. It truly is a blessing to have such wonderful children. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!
    Prim Blessings,

  8. She is so pretty and I just love her dress. Great pics. My daughter went last week....maybe someday soon I will post the pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope she had a great time.

  9. Your daughter looks beautiful! Pretty sharp Prom date too! I bet they had an awesome time. Congratulations on Aaron's graduation!

  10. You can be justifiably proud, Amy! Your daughter looks every inch a princess - I love how her hair is fixed up, really beautiful!
    Have a wonderful mother's day!

  11. Amy,
    Your daughter is beautiful!! Looks like they had fun!! What a nice event to make a mom proud!!

  12. Beautiful, I just love the color of her dress and her hair is gorgous!

  13. Hi Amy, what a beautiful girl!! And a handsome son too!!8-) Love her "carriage", the step ladder was too cute!!
    I couldn't help but notice all the great prims in the background of the first pic. The perfect backdrop. 8-)
    Have a great Mother's Day!!

  14. Such a pretty girl! And a beautiful dress! Love the photo in front of the house . . . picture perfect!

  15. What beautiful pictures! Our daughter also went on her senior prom this past Friday night! And she loved the back of her dress also and we too a picture of it as well! I love the blue dress and the princess look to it! Very pretty!!

  16. what a beautiful daugther....brings back memories of the days when my kids went to prom....she looks so happy...enjoy your day!!!linda