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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bittersweet Question

I suppose I should have asked this question before I made my purchase but I always do things backwards. Does anyone that buys Bittersweet know if this purchase was a good deal or not? Did I buy quality Bittersweet and did I get it at a good price?
Here's the Ebay link where I purchased it from. It is described very well and the seller has a good rating. I have never purchased Bittersweet before and now I'm worried that I didn't buy the right thing.

I would appreciate any comments or input anyone has.

Thanks in advance.

Blessings ~AMY~


  1. Hi Amy,
    Im like you, I don't know much about bittersweet, other than seeing it in others photos.

    But to me...
    it looks like a good deal.

    Infact, I would love to buy some for myself.
    But with inside pets, Im a little affraid to because I heard it is harmful to them.
    Is it true, who knows... just what I heard and dont want to chance it. :)


  2. Tammy they said this is Oriental Bittersweet and it is not harmful to pets or children. I can't back that statement but thats what they said.

  3. I've never had real bittersweet before so I'm afraid I am of no help but it looks very autumnal!


  4. We go out and cut our own on fence rows on country roads. It does vine and twist and has berries all over it. My dogs chew it up if I happen to drop it on the floor and they have never been sick from it. I would keep it away from children. It can be kept for several year but does get brittle with age. When it is green, you can twist it and make a wreath. I think the shipping is high but all eBay shipping is high. I sent a box to a friend and it only cost about 5 bucks to send it. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out. I'm sure you will be pleased. Linda

  5. I have been trying to find this growing wild; I will probably have better luck following your link!

  6. Amy, I am having a giveaway. Come over and check it out!