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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Cool Is This??

Now my hubby may not be too crafty with wood but he sure knows metal. He fabricated this stove in two days. Isn't this the cutest little stove you have ever seen? Bob will be leaving at the end of this month on his first hunting trip of the year with his uncle and a buddy and they will be roughing it in a tent this time around. To make sure they are warm enough Bob thought he would make them a stove for their tent. It is only about 24 inches high by 22 inches long by 12 inches wide. Boy does it throw off the heat. I think it is adorable. I honestly wouldn't mind having one to use as a decoration in a room in my house. My family thinks I've lost my marbles but I think its just too cute. There is a long black pipe that extends up from the top but I didn't get a picture of it all put together.

I'm sure my hubby would be interested in what some of you gals think of his stove. I'll pass your comments on to him.

Well I gotta run. Blessings to all my friends, old and new.




  1. You're right, this is nice. Your hubby did a good job, he could probably sell a few to other hunters/campers.

  2. How absolutely adorable! And what a handy guy! I love a wood fire.

    Amy, do you eat the game he hunts? My family has a few hunters, but the meat is usually donated to a food pantry. I am not an adventerous eater.

  3. Wow, Amy! That is impressive! I can't believe he did that in 2 days. Go hubby!

    We heat with wood, but our garage which is our workshop has no heat, and we have been talking about putting a little wood stove out there. Yours would be perfect!! Hmmmmm, where do you live... I might have to swing by and steal that from ya! ;-) I love it!

    Have a great day.
    Prim Blessings,

  4. WOW! That would be perfect to heat up a small room. Tell hubby he may be on to something. I love it!!!

  5. you have a talented hubby there. Cute and functional.. good job

  6. That is amazing that he made that - I am impressed! I think it would adirable in a family room or keeping room!

  7. thats awesome!!!veryy cool that he can do that!

  8. Well I think it's adorable as well and the lines are so nice and clean....great work BOB!
    They are sure to stay warm with that - roughing it huh????? lol

  9. Just finding your blog... that stove is amazing.. and your hub's made i?.. wow.. tell him.. I said it looks terrific!!