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Monday, August 10, 2009

~Absolutely Perfect~

What a fantastic vacation we just got back from. Everything was just perfect. The food, the weather, the entertainment, the socializing. We were truly blessed! We left home Sunday the 26th at 11:00pm. At 4:00 Monday morning we pulled over for a nap. By 7:00 we were back on the road. We arrived at Myrtle Beach around 1:00 to set up camp. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We headed out to the beach first thing to check out the water. It was heavenly. The water temperature was just perfect. We sat around the camper most of the night because my dear husband drove about 800 miles getting us there so we thought he deserved a nice quite relaxing evening.

We pretty much just lounged around and went to the beach the first week. One evening it rained pretty hard so we went to the mall and did some school shopping for Allison. I knew she would be starting school soon after we got back and I wouldn't have much time to take her anywhere before then so it worked out perfectly. We went to several seafood restaurants that week as well. We had so much planned but it seemed like we were always running out of time.

Week two went just as fast but we did have a couple of guests with us then. My mother in law and father in law came down to be with us. We had a grand time. We golfed, shopped, ate, swam, strolled the boardwalks, walked the beach and ate some more!!

The weather could not have been more cooperative these two weeks. The average daily temperature was about 93 degrees. There was always a breeze blowing off the beach so it felt pretty good. Don't get me wrong, we definitely felt the sweat rolling but it wasn't unbearable.

Some nights we stayed at the campground and grilled and other nights we went out for seafood. There is nothing like a huge plate of crab legs to make your mouth water. I think Allison ate so many of them that she never wants another one. Well that is until next year anyway.

The campground has over 800 campsites and 300 condo spaces available to rent. It is such a huge place. It feels more like a city instead of a campground. It is very clean and orderly as well. 11:00 pm is quiet time and believe me things get quiet. Everyone at this campground has so much respect for their neighbors. It makes the experience all the more fun. They offer so much to do on site that there so there is no way you could ever get bored. They have supervised activities for younger kids so they feel special and teen activities as well. This campground really caters to its visitors.

I have a lot of other things to post about in the coming weeks but for now, here are some random shots from vacation. You may think there are too many pictures here but believe me I have tons more that I won't bore you with. You will notice there are no pictures of my son on this vacation. He stayed home. I didn't think I would do good without him there but all in all, it was alright. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Hugs everyone,


  1. Amy, I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! And I hope your mom did well without you near.

  2. Wish I could have went with you. Looks like a great place to camp.


  3. I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation. We went to Myrtle Beach every July for years for our daughters dance competitions. My inlaws licve very close by so we stayed with them. Even with the a/c on, I was always too hot. It's just not for me I guess!! But by the crowds you saw, it sure is a favorite place for millions of others. I'll stick to the late fall trips there!

  4. Looks like a fun family time, Amy! I know what you mean about leaving your son at home. It seems like we're having to do that much more lately at his age. It's just the next chapter in life, I guess!


  5. We've been to Myrtle Beach twice and it's a lovely place. Looks like you had a nice time and the place you stayed sounds really nice. Love the pictures and you can never post too many for those of us who aren't going on vacation this year! Enjoy!

  6. Never been to Myrtle Beach, but it's on my to-go-to list. My husband and I love camping.

  7. Hi Amy, I noticed that you went to Myrtle Beach. Do you know my town is only one hour from there and most tourist go right through Rockingham, NC to get there. So the next time you go stop by my shop located next to Lowes Super Center. Blessings, Janice, Amy Lynns Creations