My Wonderful Group of Friends

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Four Legged Friends

I thought it would be nice to post about some of our precious family friends. You know the four legged kind. We have 3 hairy friends at our house. Chipper is 11 years old. He is the most gentle Shepherd around. He has been faithful and loyal to our family for a very long time. When he was just a pup, he used to run behind Aaron in the yard and his front paws would hit Aaron in the back of the legs. Aaron would be bruised up and down his legs. He was not hurting Aaron he just had big heavy feet. Everyone is terrified of him when they come to the house. Little do they know he is just a big baby. One floppy ear and one pointed one. I thought we were going to loose him this past fall. He either had a stroke or he had a bad case of arthritis in his hips. The vet says that is common with Shepherds so they just gave him some medicine and it seemed to make him better. He is a lot more active and he doesn't drag his back side like he was. Could you imagine having to put shoes on this guy. His feet are huge.

Now Susie is a real firecracker. She is 7 years old. She had a litter of pups to Chipper and they were beautiful. It wasn't a planned pregnancy. We weren't in the position to keep any of the puppies so we sent them out to good homes. Susie obviously isn't as big as Chipper but she looks just as mean with both her ears pointing up. She is a big baby none the less. I think Chipper would like to hook up with her again but so far we have been able to keep them separated. I love her eyes.

The UPS guy delivers my packages to me at work. He said there is no way he is getting out of his vehicle when we aren't home with those dogs watching over the house. Of course I know all they would do is lick him to death. I guess it is good that a stranger would think he might be eaten if he trespassed.

Our real baby is Isabella. Bella for short. She is a Schnoodle. If there is anyone out there that wants a house pet that doesn't shed and is the perfect example of obedience, this is a great choice. We got her when she was about 6 weeks old. She will be three this summer. She knows every trick possible. I think she even says "Momma" when I come in the house from work. We got her the year my oldest went off to stay at college. I was looking for in house protection since my husband was working nights at the time. She definitely lets you know when someone is in the drive. Look at those beautiful eyes of hers. I swear she is human sometimes.

I would love to hear about your pets if you have any, especially dogs. I am definitely not what you would call an animal lover but I do love our babies.

Have a great rest of the week my friends,




  1. hi Amy!
    Chipper and Susie are beautiful! My hubby loves Shepherds, we used to have one, huge male! He frightened everyone, but was not mean! He used to follow my son around like a shadow! Now your Bella (i have a bella too) is a cutie, she appears just a tad bit spoiled??? LOL!
    I LOVE our three fur-kids too! They are part of the family for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.


  2. My Abby is spoiled and she has no clue she is a dog. My daughter Eleni wants a shepherd if we ever move where she has room for a big dog.


  3. Your dogs are just beautiful...and look at Bella....she's spoiled for sure and how funny she lets you do whatever to

  4. Hi Amy,

    LOL my son's UOPS driver was that way until my son got a big fence for the entire back yard. We know Brady would just lick him to death but the UPS guy wasn't convinced and I don't blame him! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend with family and honoring your dad. And thanks so much for stopping by all the time!

    hugs, Linda

  5. I love Bella!! She is so adorable and looks so cute all dressed up!