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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~The Best Trash Ever~

I'm telling you the trash at my house just keeps getting better and better. Maybe I should clarify that statement a little better so no one thinks I've lost my marbles. The last swap that Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch hosted was a GW Trashy Swap. You were to shop at your local GW or Thrift Shops and find treasures that could be re-purposed into primitive items for your partner. I was blessed with a very talented and precious gal this time. My partner was Alice from Old Primitive Home. She really came up with some wonderful transformations. Have you waited long enough to see what I got? Well here goes......

This pincushion is just so cool. I forgot to ask Alice what she used for the base but I'm thinking it might have been a vase. You can't quite see the pattern on the material but it is roosters. I will be putting this in my kitchen on a shelf when I get it refinished. Roosters will be what I am decorating it in.

Now how clever was this idea? I just love these little jars. I have the most perfect shelf in my bathroom that will just look perfect with these sitting on it. The tart in the bag is nut bread scented. How delicious will that smell when I melt it!!

Alice must be a mind reader. I have so been wanting a penny mat of my own. I was excited when Char did a tutorial on making one but I never got around to it. Now having one of my own, I can wait a little longer until I decide to finally make one for myself. Such fine stitches she has in this mat. I just love everything about it. It will definitely be going in my living room. Not sure what to set on it but I'm thinking maybe a candle in the center.

Finally the most ingenious idea of all. I just love this stitchery/calendar. Such a wonderfully prim idea for a calendar. She stitched this herself and let me tell you it is next to perfect. Go ahead and enlarge the picture and see what I'm talking about. Now from what I gather, I almost had to fight her small son to keep this treasure. He wanted it for himself. I am so happy I beat him out and Alice sent it to me.

I hope anyone that has ever thought about joining in one of Chars swaps does so. I have received some pretty awesome things and I've met some wonderful friends along the way. I feel so blessed every time I look at the things I have received. Join in the fun ladies. I have a feeling Char will be coming up with another swap any day now!

Hugs and blessings to all,


  1. What an awesome swap !!!! I loveeeee everything you got. I almost joined in on that one. Now I wish I woulda'. Maybe the next one I will get up the nerve to join.
    Hope your having a wonderful week !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. Very nice Amy! I'm always tempted to try this.

  3. That calendar is great, so is everything else. She came up with some great ideas for you.

  4. Wonderful gifts Amy - I too love the stitchery calendar...great idea.

  5. Hi, Amy! After seeing a picture of the candle mat, I realize I played it too safe with the thread colors. LOL! Live and learn.
    The pin-keep base is a candle stick. I found it at a salvage center around here for 5¢. They had lots of them. I was planning to go back to get more, had lots of plans for them, but they no longer had any when I finally made it back to the store.
    Glad you were happy with everything.

  6. Everything is so nice :) I love the calendar/stitchery idea!

    Have a great weekend :)