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Monday, November 16, 2009

Can You Stand More Goodies??

Guess what I got in the mail on Saturday!! Lookie Lookie...What do we have here. I participated in another great Swap hosted by Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch. The theme of this swap was Christmas. I got lucky and had Char for my swap partner again. Look at all these goodies she made for me. Sorry but I am not the worlds best photographer so please keep in mind that these prim goodies look way better in person than the pictures show. Char is so talented. If she does another swap in the future be sure and join it. You will have no regrets. There are some very talented ladies that participate.

This is an over all picture of everything I received. We had rules as to what we were to include in our swap.

Here's what the swap consisted of.....

1st 3 homemade ornies. Didn't she do a wonderful job on these. I have the perfect peg rack to hang them from.

2nd a textile item. She sent me this wonderful piece that she stitched Christmas 1802 in the corner and she stained it all old for me.

1st and 2nd are grouped together.

3rd a wooden item. This sign is just fabulous. It looks like it was made a long time ago. Sorry but you have to tilt your head sideways for this one. I thought I flipped it but apparently I didn't.

4th a lighted item. She hand dipped these lights and scented them as well. The smell was so delicious when I took them out of the box, it made me drool. They will adorn my grapevine tree this year. Char also added some homemade tarts. They smelled good enough to eat. My house will definitely smell good for the holidays.

5th was an item of the designers choice. She made this candle holder with candles. I just love it.

Well there you have it. A Perfect Christmas Swap. Thank you again and again Char for being such a good swap partner. I look forward to participating in the next one.

Warm hugs to everyone.


  1. OH you got the best parter! Char is so talented!

  2. WOOW, great goodies.Love the sign. Char was my swap partner too and their gifts are amazing.

  3. Great swap items! Aren't her swaps fun? I didn't participate in this one and I so wish I had.
    I was catching up on your blog and love the stove that your hubby made!! It's so adorable! That's amazing that he can make something like that.
    Have a great day, my friend~ Birgit

  4. Lucky, lucky you! What fantastic goodies!
    Best wishes

  5. Oh Amy!!
    What wonderful new goodies you got!!
    Great swap!!

  6. Glad you enjoyed all your Christmas Goodies!...Have a wonderful Holiday!

  7. Hi Amy!....I just wanted to say thank you for leaving the comment on my blog about my son getting a Corvette. In answer to your question about insurance, that was the first thing I looked into before he even started saving for the down payment so he knows how much all that is going to cost him. We have cosigned loans for both our boys before but it's been on cars that we thought were suited for them at the time so this time it's a bit different!

    I am very thankful for all who have taken the time to respond, thank you again!


  8. WOW! Can you say "spoiled" ;) hehe...
    you sure did get spoiled on that swap! Love all your wonderful goodies! Char out did herself!