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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brrrrrr!!!! Ahhhhh!! Much Better

It sure got cold in our neck of the woods here in Northeastern Ohio. I came home from work today and asked my hubby to build me a nice roaring fire.

I don't think he did too bad. The living room is nice and warm but as for the rest of the house, it is cold. I think maybe I should have him build another fire downstairs in the family room as well???
I am so not ready for winter to be here!!

Use your imagination for a minute. Can you feel the heat radiating from the fire?

Tonight I decided to be lazy and do nothing. Probably not one of my most ingenious ideas but definitely a good idea. I have so many things that need done but just don't feel like doing them. Do you ever feel that way? I have the desire but just not the gumption. I hope I shake this mood soon or nothing will get done. Any helpful hints out there to get my butt in gear??? ANYONE????

Well I better run. I hear the dinner dishes calling my name! Sometimes I think my name is the only one in the house that they know!



  1. The fire looks really pretty! It's cold here also in PA. And we had snow today. Hope your mood brightens up!

  2. It looks so nice and cozy. It's still so warm here in NW Florida, it'll still be a while until I can have hubby build a fire.
    Your home is beautiful, and I love your blog.

  3. Amy, we had snow last night in Northwestern Pennsylvania. I was up by Lake Erie for a quilt group meeting, and laughed because there was snow on the golf course. But this morning I am up, and the joke continued down here at my house. It seems fall has lasted about as long as summer did.

  4. Amy, we all deserve an evening of nothing! I know we all feel guilty - me included. But it was cold, it was Thursday night, you had a wonderful fire to enjoy and my favorite all time line is "the work will still be waiting for you!" Wish I had a fireplace, I only have the TV to stare at! Have a good weekend. ~Ann P.S. Love your home page picture! Where ever did you get such a cute stitchery?

  5. Hi Amy,

    The fire looks delicious!! :-)
    We have a fireplace upstairs and downstairs too, and though the upstairs one doesn't heat more then that room, I love to have a fire going in it! I haven't had to start a fire yet, and am holding out as long as I can.
    Have a great weekend!

    Prim Blessings,

  6. Amy,
    Oh now that looks inviting..I would not want to move either if I were you!!Have a GREAT WEEKEND

  7. Hi Amy,
    Everything looks so warm and cozy!! We sure are having some chilly weather here in Ohio. Feels more like Nov. then Oct. to me!!

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left me a comment...Blogger is giving me troubles as some of the blogs that I signed in to follow,I'm no longer on there and I knew that some were still missing...but I was having a time trying to remember them all.

  8. The fire looks cozy and warm. It is so nice just to curl up and sit by the fire with some handwork or a good book and then doze off into a nap.

    I know the feeling when you say your name is the only one that is known in the house.
    We have all been there and also with not having any oomph to want to do anything.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm.


  9. The fire looks wonderful but I had my eye on that red chair!!!lol
    We have had a fire for about two weeks..I don't know how you waited so long...i have been freezing. Dianntha

  10. It's hard to move away from the heat of a roaring fire, isn't it? That's how I've felt the last couple days, like staying in the livingroom where it's warm. I'm not ready for winter either.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  11. Amy, yes I recognized the stitchery! LOL. ~Ann

  12. We had snow today but it didn't last thankfully!

    How nice hubby built you the fire! They sure are fun to sit by but most fireplaces suck the rest of the warm out of the house. My furnace guy told me that this year. No wonder the rest of the house was always cold when we enjoyed the fireplace!

  13. Chilly here in our area but is gonna
    warm up next week. Where is Fall?
    Wooster OH

  14. Amy,
    It must be the weather change for our moods! Hopefully you will "spring" out of it before spring! Hope that gives you a little chuckle. Your home looks warm and inviting. Have a wonderful weekend and get recharged!
    smiles, alice