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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling Down

I wasn't going to post today because I just wasn't in the mood. Yesterday I had to have a re-scan mammogram done because of something that showed up on my original test last week. I know this is common for women to have to have a second scan but I am worried. My grandmother Olga had breast cancer. She was my mothers mom. Grandma Olga ended up having her breast removed. I'm trying real hard not to think about this but it is getting the best of me. I am a firm believer that God will take care of me and I know that he is more than able to take away any evidence that may have been on my original scan. Please say a prayer for me that my nerves will be calmed and I will have some good news to report in the near future.

Before I close, I wanted to share a few pics of my daughter at one of her track meets. She runs the 100m dash and the 400m dash. She is very fast but she needs to be even faster if she wants to win. She is working on it so maybe she will see a win soon. Allison is in the baby blue uniform (Lisbon) with the black under armour. She is in Junior High and she would probably kill me if she knew I posted these pictures of her. You know how teen girls can be.

Going to the starting line.

Staggered Start

Heading to the finish line.

Have a special day today friends,


  1. HI Amy,

    I am sorry you have the worries. I was the same way a few years ago when I had to be rescanned. With all the work I do with folks on chemo, I was letting my mind run crazy. Thankfully, all was well. I will pray for a good outcome for you too! hugs, Linda

  2. Amy,

    I just realized it was you Amy...from the CS forum! I'm so glad you decided to give blogging a try! I left you a comment on an earlier post, but didn't make the connection!

    I will most definitely be praying for you Amy! Try not to worry! I know so many people who have been called back in for another scan! I'm praying!


  3. Amy I am praying for you and I also believe that 'HE' will take care of us. Please try not to worry about what you don't know.
    Thanks for sharring pictures of allison!
    My Colonial Home Blog

  4. I will ask a special prayer for you ....keep the faith!

  5. So Sorry you are goin through this worry, Amy. I agrre with Karen, try not to worry about what you don't know....I know that easier said than done! I will keep you in my prayers!
    Allison is a beautiful girl! Good Luck to her this season!


  6. Sorry you have to be going through this! I pray the Lord will give you peace until you hear the results! AND more importantly that the results will be good news!

    Love the pictures of your daughter running! Hope she does well with her meets.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog today!