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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessed With A Beautiful Weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did. The Lord truly outdid himself this weekend with the wonderful weather he blessed Lisbon, Ohio with. I felt so alive and full of energy. Saturday I went planter shopping. The porch now features beautiful ferns and variegated pots. My garden rocker is sporting a beautiful Red Geranium.

I was even able to fit in a little Goodwill shopping and here is what I found. Pickings were slim but I'm happy with the two things I did get. Here is my new mold. I bet you can't guess what I will be making. I'll give you a hint.....Pantry Cakes. They will go under the fly screens I have yet to make. Maybe I will get energetic and do them both one day this week.

Next I found this wooden something or other. I think it looks like it might have been a drawer. The shelves really aren't deep enough to put anything on. It has two hooks on the back so someone must have had it hanging on a wall. Any ideas on what to do with it other than just hang it as is. Should I paint it or leave it plain? A little help here ladies.

Sunday was a good day. Just mom and I went to church. After church we went out for lunch. We had a really nice time. After we got home, hubby helped me pressure wash the deck and furniture and then I rearranged some things. I'll post pictures of that when I am all done. We took the swing out of the garage and got it all set up by the pool. I could sit there all day just swinging in the breeze. Finally night time had to come. We called it a day and just when we were ready to go inside and relax, hubby's fire scanner went off and away he went to a fire. I just came in and relaxed by myself. Living with a fireman, you get used to relaxing by yourself a lot. I'm not complaining here, just stating a fact.

I hope this week is as beautiful as this weekend was. I am so anxious for summer to get here and all its beauty. Wishing all my blogging friends a glorious week.

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. I love your TS finds! We have been having nice sunny weather this past week! I LOVE IT!! We had some rain and snow this week end tho, but it's April, so we will still get a little of that. Welcome to blog land. I am pretty much new myself. My girls all had blogs, and I didn't want to be left behind! :-) lol ♥

  2. Your hanging item is looks like an old printers tray. Printers used them to store their printing blocks years gone.
    In the 80's, the craze was to hang them on the wall and fill them with little miniature collectibles. I think I still have one in my attic. I'm not sure what to do with it, I'll watch and see what you do with yours!

  3. Great finds,especially when they are something or others! lol Can you bang out the divided part?? If so,sand that baby down make yourself a chalkbaord/message center,or a sign w/ some stencils or freehand.If all else fails make yourself a gathering tray for the center of some table.Paint it, distress it get yourself some chunky grumby candles,berries,fix'ins,nubbies,bowl fillers! Ok,get the pic., the sky is the limit! lol Hey,just go have fun w/ it!! Now i wish i had one! lol lol I got myself all excited to go to a project! lol Have yourself a "BLESSED" day!!

  4. I love the idea of mommynoodles, I would have never thought of that! Great idea for a printers tray:)

    I think you are doing great with your painting, I've never sprayed mine with a clear laqure though. Love the mold you got, I've never seen any at our GW to buy but I'm still on the lookout for some:)

    I've added you to my favs also...have a great day it's going to be a hot one again!

  5. I love what you found! And Mrs. D is correct - it is a tray for printers's very old believe me. I was in the printing business since 1976 and they were 'old' then! Don't change it out....leave it original if you can.
    I have one in my closet I should get out but forget it's there.

  6. That's a printer's drawer. I would not paint it ~ I love how it looks. I have one on top of my fridge as a backdrop for my display. It would look great hanging or in a display somewhere. I'm so glad it's gardening time. I went out and bought some new things and some flowers for my porch last week. It's so good to see some pretty color's out there! Have a happy Monday!

  7. Love your finds!! Can't wait to see pictures of your porch. It was pretty warm here as well over the weekend. Hoping for spring to come back before the heat of summer!! Enjoy your week!

  8. Oh yes that is a printers tray and don't paint it - it is perfect the way it is. What a great find!

  9. Hi Amy, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I enjoyed reading through your blog. It is so fun finding other sisters in Christ who love thrift stores!!!! Yippeeee. have a blessed day!

  10. Well when I saw it I thought of a table. You could fashion some kind of legs and then top it with glass. Put some collectables in it, photos even. Use for an end table. Just a thought.

  11. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your prayers...
    I appreciate you, your prayers and your kind words! :)
    Not news yet, we are still waiting!

    Have a beautiful weekend!